Core mission

At Hive Electric, we pride ourselves in being the specialist in building reliable and cost effective electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

With over 10 years of professional electrical experience in the lower mainland, we have worked on numerous projects that focus on power distribution in commercial, residential and industrial settings.

Hive Electric was formed based on our passion for the environment. We have taken up on the effort of restoring the bee population for the past thirteen years. The notion of finding a way to keep the world a cleaner and greener place has always been our mission.

Through a project with Tesla to build 25 Supercharging Stations at Pacific Center Mall in 2019, we instantly knew Electric Vehicles and charging stations are the future. This is how we can make a positive impact to better the environment.

Hive Electric’s mission is to make a difference and to contribute to a green economy. We are a company that focuses on building the infrastructure for Zero Emission driving, making it more than just an entrepreneurial challenge but to assist the local community in lowering its emissions. In addition, we feel confident that you can rely on us to build and maintain the electrical infrastructure for your EV charging station, including but not limited to single dwelling homes, retrofit condominium parkades and commercial property with parkades.

We’ve taken the first step to welcome you to a green future and we look forward to connecting with you!


Electric Vehicle (EV) ownership is becoming an unavoidable investment. Not only does owning an EV reduce emissions that contribute to climate change and pollution, you are taking the step to improve the world for future generations.

In addition to better air quality, there are several perks that come with owning an EV. 

1 .

Built with less mechanical parts than the gas-powered vehicles, EVs require less maintenance and part replacements over time.

2 .

Since electric motors react quickly, EVs are highly responsive and have excellent torque.

3 .

Owning an EV is an investment that helps save you money in the long run.

4 .

Receiving special government rebates for owning an EV. *rebate vary between provinces.


If you already own an EV, congratulations! You’ve taken the step towards building a greener future.

With more EVs on the road, the demand for more EV charging stations is certainly on the rise. Having a Level 2 charging station at your residence will save you time from looking for an available public charger. For businesses, you will be attracting other EV drivers to your establishment with the offering of EV chargers.

Find out more about the benefits and values of EV charging stations below for your properties.

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