Single Homes

99% of EV owners get a Level 2 charger. It is the most common type of Charger that uses 240V and it can range from 20 Amps to 70 Amps. The range of Amps determines how fast you can charge your car batteries and the range is dependent on the available electrical space in your home panel.

The cheapest way to charge your electric car is almost always at home, overnight. By charging at home, you save yourself the time of traveling to a charging spot, and it is less expensive in the long run. A level 2 charger install is an upgrade to your home property value and makes you eligible for government rebates.

We have got installing chargers in homes like a science. We have seen it all and we know what to expect. When it comes to pricing, we like to keep it transparent and let you know what to expect when you choose Hive Electrics. Reach out to us below and our representative will gladly get back to you.