In a condo parkade, the power comes from a house panel on common property that feeds services in common areas shared by all occupants.

We often see this mistake playing out in newer condos where a few residents come together to get a few charging stations in their own parking stall. This sometimes works for the short-term, but even the newest condo building will run out of power quickly as more people are switching to EVs. Having a strategic plan will avoid conflict among owners in the future. We will work with your strata council on how to future proof your condo parkade so when more residents adopt EV, chargers can be installed in the future as demand grows.

If your building is in the process of planning upgrades to support EV charging at its residential parking stalls, there may be provincial rebates available to help. Stratas or building owners that install their EV Ready infrastructure can receive a rebate up to 50% of the infrastructure and installation costs, to a maximum of $600 per parking stall, and a project maximum of $80,000.

Find out more about EV Ready infrastructure Rebates HERE! (Link to BC Hydro Website)

We are experienced in working on EV Charging installs on condominiums. We have seen it all and we know what to expect. When it comes to pricing, we like to keep it transparent and let you know what to expect when you choose Hive Electric. Reach out to us below and our representative will gladly get back to you.